Señor Alberto Snacking Olives

Pitted Green Olives and Pitted Green Olives stuffed with Red Pepper from Spain for The Flavour of the Mediterranean.

They are packed in an ambient pouch packs and need no refrigeration and suitable for all kinds of outlets including Grocery and Convenience stores , Bars , Deli's and Vending machines.

Packed in Box of: 12 x 75gms for Green Olives and 12x90gms for Green Olives stuffed with Red Pepper. 




Uncle Alberts Pork Crunch

 Pork Rind flashed at high temperature until they puff up into a lightweight chunk. Seasoned to perfection to create a full of flavour lighter pork snack.

Then foil packed for freshness.

Packed in hanging bags of: 12 x 30gms or boxes of 25 x 30gms.


Uncle Alberts Scratchings

Bite size pieces of Pork Rind hand cooked to create the traditional Scratching crispyness. Flavoured using our unique combination of seasoning and spices to deliver the perfect Scratching taste.

Packed in 'see through' bags to 'tantalise the taste buds' of Regulars at the Great British Pub.

This is the product of choice for Van Sales Distributors who specialise in supplying Public Houses or in the case of the bigger pack Off Licenses,Delli's or Farm Shops.

Packed in three pack sizes to satisfy every requirement. Hanging bags of: 12 x 40gms - 12 x 50gms - 12 x 80gms. 

You can now also buy our Uncle Alberts Pork Scratchings on our main Snack Brands website.



Uncle Alberts Nut Range

A selected range of quality nuts to meet the most discerning consumers taste requirements.

Delivered in 3 Kilo boxes to serve loose, for that extra bit of customer attention.

Currently available in:

  • Salted Peanuts
  • Dry Roasted Peanuts
  • Cashews
  • Pistachios
  • Chilli Coated Peanuts
  • Smoked Mixed Nuts
  • Honeyed Cashews
  • Caramelised Red Onion Nut Mix

Storage Jars, Platters and Scoops are available Free on Loan to promote the sale of Uncle Alberts Range. Wooden display stands are available in a variety of sizes to fit most Bars. Contact us by phone or e-mail for details.

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